9RUN6 Weekend Results

This past weekend was a busy weekend for races. 9RUN6 did a great job to represent the crew in various cities running races in Sacramento, Tiburon and San Jose … Here is how everyone did… Notice a lot of people hit some awesome gains this weekend!

Urban Cow Half Marathon
Christopher Malenab 1:33:38
Dan Redmond 1:37:57 *Personal Best*
Derek Tsang 1:44:58
Melanie Neumeyer 1:52:04 *Personal Best*
Steven Yee 1:59:35 *Personal Best*
Kaila Kilwein 2:04:40 *First Half Marathon Finish*
Courtney Higgins 2:18:59
Brad Nuggent 2:32:34
Camille Mitchell 2:32:34
Urban Cow 5k
Brian Crilly 18:36 *2nd in AG, 8th Overall*
Tiburon Half Marathon
Chris McDaniel 2:11:24
Tiburon 10k
Dianne McDaniel 1:27:01
San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon
David Villadelgado 1:55:50
Fabian Zavala 2:15:03
Derek Lindahl 2:20:50
Katie Lambert 2:48:21
Tara Lindahl 2:50:14
AWESOME JOB EVERYONE!!!! If we missed you on our list please add it on the comments section below and we will make sure to show you some love in the blog post.

2 thoughts on “9RUN6 Weekend Results

    • chrismalenab October 3, 2016 / 11:17 am

      updated! sorry about that. we even had your photo in the post. When can we get you out to a workout so you can get a top tagged to represent 9RUN6 in a race?


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