Who ever knows …

When you come up to a workout often times you never know what will be in store for the group … I mean we get 3 miles at 5:30AM another 2 miles at 6AM then when 6:25AM rolls around it is something that kind of just gets thrown out there.

Over the last couple of days, if you follow us on social media you might have seen a targeted verbal by Derek Foran … where the members of 9RUN6 made him think … What did I just agree to …


Well after some continuous social media influencing by our peeps and our friends over that Nuun HydrationDerek showed up this morning with his better half , Ruth, for the morning run and workout.

We also welcomed Jordan to the group who is a former college cross country runner from UNR Wolf Pack! Along with some new faces we saw some familiar faces that took a brief moment away for recovery and vacations … Welcome back 2.0 (aka Brad) and Kaila.

The 5:30AM group made it’s way to get out and run just under 3 miles by heading out from 10th & N Street towards our newest favorite location, the bridges on 5th and 6th Street near H Street. These are some awesome hills to jump start the morning run before connecting with the group at 10th & N for the 6AM meet up.

The 6AM group heads on our way to grab McRunner out by the Tower Bridge … We don’t even know how this started, but he is the only one who gets special treatment who gets picked up along the route … I mean the group makes it a point to go pick him up… WTF?!?!?! Since when did we ever give anyone special treatment like that? Well I guess because he is McRunner one of our original bad asses …

With 6:25AM on the rise … it was time to make our way from the West Steps out to the roundabout across the street. This is where the routine gets thrown off a little with today’s partner workout … where 1 person performs a movement around the roundabout while their partner does a stationary exercise until partner 1 completes their movement around the circle.

Everyone crushed it today in the partner workout … it was so good that everyone walked away leaving marks of liquid awesome on the ground …

Great Job Everyone and have a fantastic weekend!

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