#NubsOut Deck of Cards …

With Halloween just around the corner, it was time to bring back the #NubsOut workout … this means bringing along pumpkins to the workout.

The base of the workout was the deck of cards from hell workout which involves various movements and reps written on each card in a deck. Today’s plot twist included the pumpkins, so if you hands were free … in other words non-burpee or bear crawls then you were picking up a pumpkin and using it for the exercise.

From sit ups to sprinting with pumpkins it was all fair game. Shoutout to Katie for brining in the pumpkins for the workout this morning.

The next curiosity probably has to do with who are the $hi7 ton of people wearing suits in the group photo. Well those people are our prospects … no you don’t have to wear a tie to join us, these folks are all new to the Sacramento area, who work for various places around town. Two of them already have attended 1 or 2 workouts with us, with the hopes of getting more from the group to come out starting this Friday!


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