We Are Weather Proof

The rain comes out in the fall and winter time. It is a given, but that doesn’t mean we stop working out and getting our miles and workouts in. Today is probably the first of many wet workouts to come over the next few months.

Yes hitting sit ups or anything on the ground outside of push-ups pretty much sucks, when you know you are going to get soaked during a workout, but it is what it is … and it’s just F@#$ing water … so no big deal.

This morning we had those reps and movements that kinda sucked because of the conditions, but those who showed up just accepted the fact that getting wet is part of getting fit.

We were also treated with a surprise this morning as Alexia who moved to Yuma, joined us a for a workout while she was in Sacramento visiting. Thanks for coming out and joining us Alexia!

If it is running or general fitness, water shouldn’t dampen your progress (yes pun intended). Remember this if you are training for a race like the California International Marathon, when race day comes, the 26.2 miles you are about to tackle on December 4th doesn’t care what the weather was on October 28th … the only thing that matters on that day of the race is if you hit the pavement or not.

Everyone have a good weekend and enjoy your miles.

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