It’s Friyay!

It’s Friday, so we hit up our destination Friday workout. Only if I had the same discipline to get up early like I do now when I was in college, when that 8AM class was such a struggle … I know many of you can relate to that one.

As we adult, we can appreciate the fact that when Friday mornings come around and that alarm goes off at o’dark thirty, we are excited to make our way to meet up with our homies at 9RUN6. After our two run groups made their way on various routes around downtown, we headed to the IMAX theater at 6:25AM to knock out another partner workout. Partner workouts are the best because it really pushes the team work in something that has individual health benefits.

With the streets still dark and the moon still out, we did the infamous workout that people used to not finish, now we wreck the workouts like it is something that is routine for us.

The partner workout for this morning was the burpees, lunges, jump squats and leg lifts for Partner A, and for Partner B it was wall sits, push ups, jumping jacks and planks. With running between each movement. When person A was done with their 20 movements, then B would switch over. After 2 sets were completed it was onto the next movement.

Just a reminder this weekend is Daylight Savings! Drop those clocks back an hour and get some extra enjoyment on the day. Also due to the Parkway closures there is no official organized long runs this weekend. So get your miles in and enjoy the journey!

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