We Are Still Together …

Last night was a historical night as we had an election that pitted one candidate who has no government or military background and another the first female candidate for a major party. No matter who you were voting for, history was going to be changed in our country.

This morning was probably one of the first workouts where we talked politics between individuals during our running and workout. It created a new topic of conversation, the conversations were fairly serious in topic, but still in 9RUN6 fashion included some laughs and jokes.

If anything comes about from this historical election is we realize how important a positive and supportive community can be and how impactful it is for each individual. I mean look at the tremendous support and inspiration we get from one another. Our group really is filled with a lot of beautiful people and that is what we love about those who come to every workout or those who come occasionally.

We come out and workout no being judged on who we are or what we believe in, we bring together people of different genders, races, political parties, religions and lifestyles. We encourage not discourage one another to take chances and race races.

We have unique stories on how we became to become the person we are and who we want to be. The workouts are intense at times and easy on others, 9RUN6 has become a vehicle to bring together beautiful individuals and creating life long friends and memories in and out of our workouts.

We workout on government / political ground (the West Steps) which can sometimes separate people, but 9RUN6 brings people together. Each person who comes to a workout is loved and not judged … okay maybe laughs are shared at the expense of others, but it is all in good fun …

One thing is certain we need less politics and more workouts 🙂 …. so why not come out and be part of something awesome in our community.

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