You Don’t Have Time or …

It just isn’t your thing? Often times at 9RUN6 we get out and invite people to come join us for a workout, we hear a ton of different reasons why they cannot make it out at 5:30, 6:00 or 6:25AM. It’s okay if fitness isn’t your thing, we can’t force people to come out and find out what we are all about.

However, this morning we did have a new face join us. Welcome to the group Alex. He found us by way of the internets … He came out there and put himself about during the workout, pushing himself to the level he was able to do.

We also had our world traveler join us this morning. If you don’t follow Ms. Judy on social media, she has been all over the world doing various things including riding elephants!

The morning workout included some running and the deck of cards from hell workout. It was fun, fast and challenging. Those damn burpess get people every time!

So during the workout this morning a couple of announcements came up …

  1. if you want to order a custom buff this is the week to do so.
  2. we are starting a new tradition … everyone has an end of the year bash and it could mean for less attendance if we tried to cram on of our own into everyone’s schedules … so we are starting a new tradition coming January 2017 … a beginning of the year bash! more info to come.

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