Until next time, Good Luck Kaila

This morning the run crews did their thing before the destination Friday workout at the Sacramento Convention Center. Today we said until next time to someone who joined us back in February. Kaila came into the crew after having attended at November Project workout in San Francisco, after finding her way to us here in Sacramento we are glad that she stuck with it.

Through the course of the year, she caught the half marathon bug, trained and completed the Urban Cow Half Marathon back in October where many of the 9RUN6 folks ran it, and found some successful finishing times.

Though we hate seeing people move out of the area and leaving the group, we do enjoy the fact that we get to celebrate people’s goals with them. For Kaila she is moving to the Bay Area where she will be working in marketing for Safeway and other related companies under their umbrella.

We hope she can give us free Safeway points for our member cards 🙂 …

Kaila we will miss your handstand ability and the ability to make us all feel like we are doing V-Ups completely wrong due to our lack of flexibility that your gymnast background possesses.

We wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors and hope to see you whenever you get back to visit Sacramento.


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