We thought it was spring.

When spring rolls around we expect to see the sun coming up during our workouts. The ground to be dry and our gear being soaked from sweat and not rain water. Well all of that didn’t come through this morning. It was dark, wet and full of rain. However with all that being said we didn’t side track ourselves one but this morning.

The crew did what we do best show up, run and get a workout in. Oh and let’s not forget that we help one another stay motivated while having a lot of fun with it.

With the ground wet and our gear soaked from the rain. We did the normal run groups followed by the 100 workout at the West Steps area of the Capitol building. 4 movements of 100 reps. Today’s movements were squats, lunges, shoulder taps and closing it off … mountain climbers.

The dark skies covered by the rain clouds made for some really shitty photos … let’s see if you can even make out the ones below.

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