What it takes to 9RUN6

Okay here is a breakdown of how to 9RUN6 …

Set your alarm the night prior.

Wake up.

Get your gear on and coffee consumed.

Get out to the corner of 10th & N Street for the 5:30AM or 6:00AM run group(s).

Or show up to the West Steps at 6:25AM.

Have fun.



Do the workout.

Feel accomplished.

Kick ass for the rest of the day.

Now with all that being said everyone is capable of doing does this. So now what is your excuse to not do the 9RUN6?

Did we mention is it FREE. ALL THE TIME. So if you don’t like FREE. Or you don’t like FUN. Or if you never want to workout, then don’t join us. Otherwise it’s on you to just BE THERE!


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