It was like a reunion 

It was like a reunion workout this morning when 5:30AM rolled around. Yup we had new and old faces come together and finally get to meet one another at the same time. We had the return of David, who was out of commission for 4 months prior to running his first race a couple weeks back due to some sort of crazy procedure that involved removing a fish from his foot. Yea, go ask him about how they found a salmon in his foot. Or something like that, maybe it was more like plantar, but having a fish with an attached fishing pole might have been easier to care for than plantar. 
Anyways it was great to see his smiling face back to the group, he was surprised that he didn’t get any stink this morning, but rather was welcomed back with hugs from the squad. Injuries are no joke, and we really on make fun of people when they return when they have lame reasons like … It’s too early. 
We also saw a rare sighting of Big Boo Butt aka Ethan on a Wednesday morning, perhaps Alexia found a way to guilt him into attending this morning, since he is typically a Friday morning crew member. 
The big notice that Big Dave realized is that with our upgraded annual fees of nothing, we have been able to equip the crew with a GoPro Hero 5 Session and tripod. Yup so our videos are more legit and so are our photos.
After all of the fluff and happy moments were put together and shoved to the side it was time to get our running and workout on. The 5:30AM and 6AM meet up on the corner of 10th and N Street, did the norm. With the 5ht / 6th Street loops for a little climbing then around back to the corner before heading out to the Tower Bridge to pick-up McRunner. By the way if you didn’t know McRunner is a badass … he works out before coming to 9RUN6 and workouts again with us! Talk about committed to a community. We do like to give him shit about his new found crew in West Sac, but that is all in good fun. He continues to inspire and amaze all of us, because let’s be honest how many other people would do that? 
The workout for this morning at the West Steps was about grabbing some cards and seeing what was in the deck for us. Each card having a randomly written exercise on it with a number of reps or a traveling card which meant you did the movement while traveling forward to the second half of cards which was about 40 yards away, however depending on the exercise you picked, it might feel like a mile away.

Great job everyone! Crush the rest of your day and see you on Friday, where we will have a very special workout as we do our version of a Boston Marathon send off for one of our very own runners who will be running in her first Boston Marathon. Details for this workout will be posted on Thursday. 

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