Race the loop

This morning the crew came out and was ready to do WORK! When 5:30AM rolled around the first run group took on the loop a 3.3 mile loop that starts at the corner of 10th & N Street heads towards the river, running south until the Miller Park entry where turn left then left onto Front Street where we head back down to N street and back to the corner of 10th & N. The kicker on this is being able to run it under 30 minutes so for most of the crew there is a need to really push the run even with the stop lights in order to get back for the 6AM squad meet up.

The 6AM squad moved along with a 2 miler out and over the Tower Bridge and back to the West Steps along Capitol Mall.

Then came the 6:25AM rolling around we headed to our Destination Friday workout to the Memorial Auditorium where we did 10 reps of pushups, sitsup, box jumps and squats. After each set a blocks distance run was made from 15th to 16th where the reps were repeated for a total of 10 sets. After the workout was smashed it was time to head back to the west steps of the Capitol.

Great job everyone! Have a fun filled weekend.

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