Global Running Day


Today is Global Running Day, so we celebrated by doing what we know how to do and that is running! The group came out deep today and we met 5 new faces in the morning group runs. We met at the normal 5:30, 6 and 6:25 groups, but rather than having the typical workout at 6:25AM we ran more around downtown covering about 7.5 miles in total for those who ran the entire time joining all three groups.

This morning we were also featured on Good Day Sacramento as Dave “Deuce” Mason joined us for the morning spot. Check out the videos below…


Along with the celebration and meeting / welcoming new faces to the group we also had our largest group in attendance in a very long time. We hope that we continue to grow and move to seeing more people at our workouts. The more people, the more fun!

Let us take a moment to recognize that RUN BMC also no longer holds the fastest 5k group best. In a matter of a week he went from having the group best of a low 18 minute to third best 🙂 we like to humble him every now and then. But as BMC puts it now that there are faster people he can probably run another personal best because there will be more people to chase during runs.

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