around ahhh bouttttt

So after we got our biggest group out on Wednesday we picked up back to the normal faces on Friday … yup this morning we were hoping to see some returners this morning, but that wasn’t the case. However we do hope to see some of you that came out for the first time on Wednesday again in the near future.

Back to the normal grind we went with our running groups, then DESTINATION FRIDAY met us at 6:25AM when we did our workout at the roundabout just across the street from the West Steps of the Capitol building.

We blasted the music and did the scripted deck of cards from hell workout, which features a ton of burpees and bear crawls mix in some running and other movements for 25 minutes and boom! there is the workout.

For some reason it was all dudes that did it the strength workout today, but Alexia and Courtney partook in the running groups and crushed the run as well.

Great job everyone, have a great weekend and if you are racing or doing something epic please share your photos with us!

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