Get off the Ballers!


Okay, they might not be called actually ballers but we will still call them so. Thanks Courtney for killing our joy of calling the bollards, ballers. What we are referring to are the things sticking up from the ground around the State Capitol. We had an awesome idea of sitting on them for a photo until an officer on bike peddled by and told us to get off the BALLERS. As we all know runners sitting on BALLERS is a dangerous combination.

We had a good sized group for our runs and workout groups this morning, typically Friday’s we are on the slimmer side with attendance because apparently people like to not show up.

We had our homie Zane drop a verbal on the Facebook page the other day, but we somewhat were hoping he flaked so we had someone to call out on social media with another milk carton graphic.

After the morning run groups, we headed our Destination Friday workout to the Memorial Auditorium where we did 99 problems, though most of the group outside of the MACHINE McRunner got in about 66 problems. In this workout each set involves 33 burpees, 33 pushups and 33 squats. The goal is to knock out 3 complete sets to make 99 reps of each movement.

We have some news! We are currently working with the friendly folks at Zensah to get some custom 9RUN6 crew socks, they won’t be boring either they will have an awesome space theme to them, and will be a very limited quantity. Socks are going to be about $15 a pair. More information on ordering the socks will be coming out soon.

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