The crew welcomes some new faces this morning. The new faces showed up to the 5:30AM run group and one stayed through all 3 groups! Way to go to the newbies.

With the normal spring and summer time runs completed the crew made it back to the West Steps for the Deck of Cards from Hell workout this morning.


The Deck of Cards from Hell is a workout that has a lot of people doing some burpees. When we mean some burpess, we mean a shit load of burpees. The workout is simple, pull a card and what is written on the card is the the exercise that is performed. Some are stationary workouts, while others are moving. Each movement is followed by a run, some shorter than others.

During the workout four members picked up their orange wrist band which represents their life time membership band. Yes, we understand that the workouts are free, but who doesn’t like to feel like they have something official to represent their membership. Wanna get an awesome orange band? It is simple just show up to a workout and get one.


The crew crushed the workout and got their burpee on. If you showed up you crushed it no matter the pace or ability, YOU DID IT! We celebrate our victories no matter how big or small they are.

With the workout completed, we want to give a birthday shoutout to our official Ogre of the crew, to Ethan. Happy Birthday to the big dude! He didn’t show up today so we couldn’t sing happy birthday to him, but we wish him a great day on his day today.


Friday’s workout will be lead by Adam the resident meteorologist. So let’s see a solid group come out to support his first workout that he will be officially leading.

More info on where the destination Friday workout will be, will be posted on Facebook and Twitter on Thursday.

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