So a couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to get our custom socks through our friends at Zensah Compression. Of course we jumped on the chance for some sweet at custom socks!
Well the other day the socks came in and we handed them out today. With much joy the folks who ordered them had smiles, and those who didn’t wanted to buy some. Luckily we do have a couple extra pairs for sale for $15 per pair.
This morning the crew brought out their fast as the 5:30AM group did the loop, which is a 3.3 mile loop starting at the corner of 10th & N, heading down N Street to the Promenade out to Broadway, back headed north on Front Street then back onto N Street for the 10th Street Finish.
For the 5:30AM group we welcomed a new face. Eddie reached out to us last week after hearing about us through our friends at Sloppy Moose Running Club. Welcome to the crew Eddie, we hope to see you again. A random fact about our new friend Eddie, Eddie is from Australia, and Eddie’s favorite beer is NOT Fosters.
Below is the segment on Strava, if you want to see if you can get out there and get the Course Record, because we all know everyone on Strava wants to set the course record.
We then knocked out the Old Sacramento loop with the crew before hitting the Wednesday West Steps Workout at 6:25AM. The workout today, was 12 different exercises for once through. Our machine Chris McRunner was the first the rip through the workout, everyone else tied for 2nd Place!
Great job everyone way to crush through your Wednesday morning and see you on Friday!

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