WTF IS A DOCO? Probably one of the most common questions for those who are new to the Sacramento Area, or those that aren’t as cool as the cool kids who run around downtown. Actually to be fair, most people who run around downtown still don’t really know what a DOCO is … well it is a hip new way of calling the Downtown Commons … The tag line is “Hello DOCO”, so we will just go with it. Though other members of 9RUN6 like to think of a DOCO as a combination of going number 1 and number 2, so feel free to imagine the combinations of various emjois here …


With the mornings staying a bit darker, it made the group run a little faster. The crew did the “race the loop” with some blazing speed this morning, it wasn’t for the weak or uncertain. In fact, we don’t like to have the uncertain, we like to have the positive!

A lot of people come out and aren’t sure if they can keep up, well not to worry because we don’t leave people behind, but those who come out and challenge themselves start to find out they have more in the tank than they thought!

Let’s use Mara for instance, each time she comes out she pushes herself to run faster and keep up with the front pack, each time she runs she finds herself keeping up with the front of the pack runners more and more. So THUMBS UP to Mara for staying committed and showing up every time for the run and workout! She is a perfect example of just show up and we will push you or pull you or whatever you need to get through a workout!

Another reason to keep up with the front of the pack or the pack in front of you is that, there tends to be some pretty good banter between some of the people and you never want to miss out on that!

This morning we had our Destination Friday, where we headed to Roosevelt Park to throw some dice and get our workout in …

…. on another note … I think someone dropped a tattoo verbal on social media this week … and you know that that means … it better be coming … otherwise we will call you out until it happens…

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 3.57.31 PM.png
We take verbals seriously! 

Great job everyone this week and have a kick-ass weekend! See you next week.

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