Reverse Routing

This morning, with the request of Courtney we decided to reverse route the 6AM run group. The 5:30AM hit the Urban Hills and returned to the corner of 10th & N Street, then we moved our way to Old Sac but in reverse. Starting towards L Street, we went by Golden 1 before heading through the Old Sac tunnel and down Capital Mall.

To be honest it was kind of weird running it in reverse, but it did spice things up a bit. So if you have ideas or recommendations of making our routine different even if that means just running it in reverse, bring up the idea and we will try to implement it. This is a group ran by the group!

Today we had a visitor from San Diego November Project, she was visiting us during her work trip up to Sacramento. We are glad she came out to our small group compared to what she is familiar to in SD, where they get around 140 people during their Wednesday workouts at Balboa Park.

With a new face in the crew we did the dice workout on the West Steps of the Capitol to close off the Wednesday workout crew.

Great job everyone for crushing, some or all of the workout today.

See you FRIDAY!

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