Friday rolls around and it is all about destinations … Destination Friday to be exact. This morning after our recent change of the morning 530AM group running Urban Hills as the river promenade is darker this time of year, we hit safer routes where the streets are better lit.

Some of you might be thinking … URBAN HILLS? Sacramento has hills? well there is one set of hills that we loop around near the rail yards. Wanna run them with us? You have to show up at 5:30AM.

This morning our destination workout took us to the IMAX theater on K Street. It is a nice wide open car free road that allows us to be our silly selves and get our workout on. Hustling through a partner workout, that no group completed, we came to the mutual agreement that this workout is best suited for the West Steps Wednesday since it doesn’t take us 5 minutes each way to get to the IMAX.

Even though we didn’t finish the workout, it still beat up our legs pretty good from the wall sits, burpees, squat jumps, push ups, lunges and jumping jacks. Unfortunately, for Brad we didn’t get to the core set which is planks and legs lifts with sprints. I know Brad you didn’t get to work on your ripped abdominal area, we promise to hit the abs next Wednesday.

Great job to everyone getting through the workout today and getting through the week. Have an awesome weekend and good luck to everyone getting a run, race or whatever you have on the schedule for this weekend.

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