9RUN6 Gets Bottled!


So sometimes we can get excited when we walk into the local Whole Foods Market and see the 9RUN6 brew on the shelves in the beer section! Boom … today was one of those days …

The back story of the brew …

Back in January we collaborated with Yolo Brewing Company out of West Sacramento to deliver the <5% brew that is delicious after a workout or run. Over the last few months the brew masters over at Yolo have been putting the work in to make this masterpiece as awesome as possible.

While this was going down The Pony Express Marathon was working on promoting their 2016 May 1st Marathon in Sacramento. As part of a collaboration between the two parties, Yolo Brew is releasing a 4-part beer marathon relay series. The first of the beers in the series is none other than the 9RUN6 …

Check out the brew … this one was located at the Whole Foods Market on the corner of Arden and Eastern in the Carmichael area of town …

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