I’m Coming Home

Normally it would be this time of the week that you’d have Captain Rosemont, aka Chris pushing a blog post your way. Well this week is different as I, @Run_BMCrilly , the fastest Architect (licensed in California), am the one to be pushing this post out to all of you.

Today was a special day. I’ll tell you why, but first you should know the back story. A couple of weeks ago I blew out my ankle while not paying attention to my surroundings on a run. It was just after 6am on Capitol Ave in Sacramento, right by the Tower Bridge. I rolled my ankle into a tree well while attempting to get out of the way of an oncoming runner, but instead ate ____. I heard a snap and a pop. It did not sound good, did not feel good and later on did not look good. Did one person stay behind? No. Each person (except a couple that needed to lead the morning workout at 6:25a) walked the near mile down Capitol Ave with me. I later went to the doctor and after an X-ray discovered a horrid sprain and a small fracture. 2 weeks min o
ff my feet unless I felt good was the order.

At that moment, I didn’t cry but I can tell you I felt down. Really down. I run because it’s fun, I get to experience the built and natural environment, and I enjoy the friends I have made over the past year in doing so. To think that I could not enjoy something with these friends was a flashback to childhood and being grounded. Everyone else gets to play while I get to sit in my room.

Let’s make this clear for everyone. @9Run6 is free and you don’t have to show up if you don’t want. There’s no contractual obligation whereby you are forced to show up each week. Come and go as you please, but I challenge you to come for just a few weeks in a row and experience the friendships and our joy for fun, free, fitness.

Now on to the actual workout for today…

Well, coming home today was something special. The breakfast club set out at 5:30a to get our early miles in before meeting the rest of the group for 13 sets (pushup, leg raises and knees to chest). Pull a card card and complete the number of reps associate, but this was all face cards.  Pull a Joker and you were hosed. It meant double of your reps. Pull a joker and a suicide king and you were f’d, double burpees. Some of us were so f’d and  some weren’t even close. Either way we’re all better for it.



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