BREAKING NEW: We hit 2 years!

The first Wednesday at 6:25AM a group met up at McKinley Park back in 2014. The group started as a solid 3 people for the first meet up and has grown to over 20 members at any given workout! The group has gone through some changes going from 9RUN6 to November Project Sacramento then back to 9RUN6 …

A big thanks to Chris McDaniel who was been there from the beginning of the workouts seeing us go from McKinley Park to the River Front and now the West Steps of the Capitol.

As the group continues to meet up and workout we continue to have plenty of fun on Wednesday and Friday mornings going from a single workout at 6:25AM to having 3 official times two days a week now.

The goal of getting 100 people at a single workout is still out there. With that in mind if we get 100 people … Chris Malenab (ME) will get the 9RUN6 logo tattooed on my leg.

Continue to spread the word of the FREE FITNESS Mission and get people out there waking up early and sweating it out together.


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