#DestinationFriday takes the Crest



It’s 2016 and #DestinationFriday is in full effect. This week after the #BreakfastClub put in some miles, we met at the step of the Capitol and ran a couple of blocks over to K Street. Our destination was the Crest Theatre, right across the street from the California Family (CalFit) Fitness. If you’re wondering, CalFit provides sun-less spray tans, a full bar, lounge and anything else that not related to just living a healthy life and enjoying the relationships which come along with.

War was the name of the game today and we had a couple of new faces to join us for some dirty dancing (more on this in a second). We’re growing, up by 7 in the past week and damn proud of the folks that have been coming out for a great mission #FunFreeFitness.

Finally, congrats to all our 2015 award winners.


Dirty Dancing, yes that one, the one with the great soundtrack which includes Hungry Eyes, will be playing at the Crest Theater.


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