55 to 5 … Yessir 

Most people are all about my car goes 0 to 60 in ___. At 9run6 we ain’t got no time for that cause we too busy getting fit, hustling to get our sweat on, dropping hammers and smiling. 

Today we broke out an awesome workout that had a blast from the past… The fifty five to five workout. 

It goes like this … Each set starts with jumping jacks, first set at 55… Then a set of 55 squats. Each round goes down by 5 with the jacks being partnered with either squats, sit ups or push ups. Between each change of numbers we mix in a run from the steps down to the 10th street sidewalk and back. 

With music playing the group gets shit done while people believe in their lame ass excuses why they can’t workout in the morning. 

With the workout done, we drop the mic and walk away to start our daily routine of being awesome. 

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