Another West Steps Wednesday


It’s another Wednesday morning and the group begins to gather at 5:30AM … this group is starting to come together strong … but not as strong as the 6AM group that met at 10th & N Street. Today the 6AM group was stronger than the 6:25AM group in terms of numbers, however in terms of physical strength when it comes to the workout for today, the winner has to be the 6:25AM group …

This morning we did the #ThanksKatie workout … yup because Katie is the one who suggested the format of the workout … which makes it really tough … not only do we go through the workout once, but we climb up the workout then we scale it back down like a ladder …

here’s the workout

Yup once the workout was done in about 20 minutes everyone was ready to start their day. The group even admitted this morning that even though sometimes it is a pain in the ass to get up on a Wednesday morning once the workout is done and the rest of the day falls into place it is well worth the early morning wake up and jump start.


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