Today we got together ran and were surrounded by awesome people.  The run groups started the morning off strong … I mean real strong … Then rolled the 6:25 group and that strong got taken to another level with today’s HUNDO workout …
What the f is a HUNDO workout? It’s 5 exercises of 100 reps each with a couple laps around the west lawn between each one. 

Today’s movements were 100 push-ups, 100 sit ups, 100 step ups, 100 dips and 100 squats. The order didn’t matter. The only thing that did was if you started a movement you had to finish it off before moving to another one. 

Special workout shout out today goes to our very own Shane Barker … Not because he didn’t show up, but because he left early … Why did he leave early? To go to 24 hour to get a workout in … So in tradition we talked about him after he left …. Bwhahaha. Hope you have thick skin Shane because you’ll be wearing this one for a while hahaha. 

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