Destination Friday

IMG_3700The 5:30 and 6:00AM groups have continued their streak as the peoples’ choice. This morning 13 people got their fair share of approx 5 miles. The 5:30 group was minus two schlubs whom happened to both sleep in on the same day. #Shoutout Malenab and Crilly.

Who knows where the hell that 5:30 AM group ran to this morning, but after they made their way back to the corner of 10th and N it was time to go pick up McRunner Chris. The group made their way back to the West Steps of the Cap and then headed over to the J street side of the Convention Center. LilB Barker left the group at this point in the journey to continue to fight off SRS (Skinny Runner Syndrome) at a local gym/night-club.

The deck of cards workout for today, was similar to other Fridays with Faces and Aces equaling 11 reps of each exercise, while the numbers equaled that value. Pull a Joker and you doubled up on the next card. The exercises for today were push-ups, squat thrusts and leg lifts.Today’s winner was Malenab, who had something like 8 Jacks. This was due to his ability to pull multiple Jokers (wild). So it was Malenab’s turn to pull 3 extra cards, we add the total and everyone else has to do the exercises once again … today he pulled a total of 23 which made everyone enjoy 23 more reps of each exercise.

It was a great way to lead into the weekend and close out the work week. BTW, if anyone has seen a man running in an orange A&W shirt, please tell him that he is missed and that the group wants to run with him soon.


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