#DesitinationFriday Steps on J


Here we were again. It was the end of a work week with great weather upon us, and no signs of stragglers from St. Patrick day festivities the night prior. This Friday was no different than any other of our Friday mornings. At 5:30am a group of us met at the corner of 10th and N streets in front of the Capitol of one of the world’s largest economies, but without Kevin and Benny….

6:00am we met at the corner, but Kevin and Benny were still not there…

6:25am we made our way to our destination, the steps on J. For those of you in Sacramento unaware what the steps on J might be, there is a set of steps leading up to the second floor of the Sacramento Convention center which is located near the corner of 15th and J. A great spot for getting in some stair work, without Kevin and Benny.

Dice and cards were the weapons of choice for attacking our workout. One person rolls the dice, and we run the flight of stairs the number of times corresponding to the die (singular, not plural right?). After that we picked one card, and the corresponding number on the card represented the number of reps for pushups, sit-ups and squats. This went on for 30 minutes before we made our way back to the Capitol and all went our separate ways. If anyone was wondering, Kevin and Benny never showed up.

Meet us next Wednesday and Friday, same bat time and same bat channel.






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