Two-days Shout Out!


Oops, Benny did it again …. He promised to be there today … but he wasn’t there. Perhaps he was up late working on his March Madness brackets and seeing his totals … In one of his brackets he was nearly perfect on his picks yesterday … or maybe he was up late playing NBA2K online with his peeps … nonetheless you didn’t show up, so you get another shout out … this is a new milestone in 9RUN6 history. Benny is the first ever member to get 2 shout outs in the same week. For that achievement we applaud you! We would have given you a high-5 but you didn’t show up …

The 2nd that is found guilty … is our boy Kevin. He is a regular face on Friday workouts, well except for today. Yesterday he made the mistake of sending the following commitment text …

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 8.50.55 AM.png

Guess what, he didn’t show and we gave him the benefit of the doubt, that well maybe the 5:30AM, or maybe he will be here at 6:00 … well maybe the 6:25AM group … nope … he pulled a NO SHOW!

So when are you guys going to show up again? The weather has been awesome … so what’s the excuse now?

Send these dudes a tweet to let them know you missed them today.

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