Giveaway: Zensah Compression Sleeve Giveaway


Our awesome friends over at Zensah are giving away a free pair of Compression Leg Sleeves. The giveaway starts on Monday March 28 and ends Friday April 1. It’s pretty simple to enter for a chance to win a pair of your own (keep reading and see below how to enter for a chance to win).


If you haven’t tried or own a pair of Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves here are some details about them:

  • Shin Splint Relief: The Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves were designed by professional athletic trainers to specifically target shin splints. The v-shaped chevron ribbing on the front of the sleeve provides the same relief as kinesiology tape without having to worry about being “taped up” by a trainer.  The compression in each pair of leg sleeves helps to stabilize muscles and prevent injuries. Whether suffering from shin splints due to running, playing basketball, or just everyday activities, Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves help to provide much needed relief.
  • Used by Athletes of All Levels:  From Olympic Athletes to novice runners, basketball players, fitness enthusiast, and more, the Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves are a favorite among athletes. The compression leg sleeves are made in the USA to ensure the best quality and that the sleeves will last.
  • Moisture Wicking and Ultimate Comfort:  The compression leg sleeves are moisture wicking, ensuring they stay dry and lightweight even during the toughest runs and workouts. The leg sleeves are made with innovative Zensah fabric, which is anti-odor and ultra-breathable. A seamless design means no irritating tags or seams to cause discomfort. The solid color sleeves are made of 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex (Heather Colored Sleeves are made of 49% Polyester/41% Nylon/10% Spandex) to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Improved Circulation and Faster Muscle Recovery: The compression in each pair of leg sleeves helps to improve venous return, increasing blood flow and circulation. This leads to faster muscle recovery time, as muscles receive more of the oxygenated blood they need to recover. Runners and all athletes are able to take their training to the next level.
  • Calf Support and Injury Prevention:  Micro-ribbing on the back of the leg sleeves provide calf support. Using the leg sleeves while running can reduce calf cramps and lessen fatigue. Pin-point compression provides targeted support where it is needed the most. The compression in the leg sleeves also helps to provide muscle stabilization, reducing micro tears and preventing injuries.

9RUN6 members love their Zensah compression leg sleeves as well, see what they say about theirs:

 Zensah=Chafe free. During my long runs, compression sleeves keep my legs (calfs) fresh and prevent fatigue. They also help with recovery and are stylish. Since Zensah, my long runs have been stronger and recovery has been faster.

Idk I just love Zensah……

– Alexia

Click Here for a chance to win a pair of Zensah Compression Sleeves

2 thoughts on “Giveaway: Zensah Compression Sleeve Giveaway

  1. Alexia Poon March 28, 2016 / 7:56 pm

    Compression sleeves! Compression socks! Sport bras! Everything! Life is always better with Zensah. Chafe free and pain free!

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