Well it was another Wednesday of running, working out and talking shit to one another … okay maybe just one person throwing around the shit talking …

5:30 and 6:00 AM came in hot with some running action, losing one person before the 6:25AM group rolled around.

At 6:25AM the folks gathered to the West Steps to do their thing. Today we celebrated Alexia’s 25th birthday, which was yesterday. We did it in true 9RUN6 fashion by laying out some exercises and doing each one 25 reps for her 25th. After 5 rounds went by, it was time to mix in our Wednesday sprint workout. Today were 7 short burst up and back from the West Steps to the 10th Street sidewalk.

The crew did it proper and left one another puffing by the end to catch their breath.

Have a kick ass Wednesday everyone!

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