So some folks ran a marathon this weekend, others ran a half, others supported and others drank … but this morning 8 awesome people still found a way to get their asses out of bed for a run and workout … not one excuse from these people for making it out at 5:30, 6:00 or 6:25AM this morning … so what’s your excuse?

Too far? well brad comes all the way from Orangevale for our workouts … so your excuses are invalid…

The 5:30AM crew got out for their normal run around 3 miles after meeting at the corner of 10th & N Street. After the 3 miles the crew picked up a few more bodies at 6:00 before getting the 6:25AM workout in.

Before the Ping-Pong Ball workout started … one of the grounds keepers came up to ask us if the ice chest in the bushes near the West Steps was ours … we said “NO” … at this moment we decided to move the workout about 100 yards down the way since their next step was to get CHP out to it, to figure out what was in the ice chest … from the looks of things it wasn’t anything that imposed any dangers …

We took on the ping pong ball workout and poor Dan who was part of the crew that ran the Pony Express Marathon, somehow found a way to get a shit load of squats and squat jumps … While Shane had some cry me a river moment when he had to do leg lifts because he did legs and abs at 24 yesterday …

After the ping pong balls were dropped and recollected, it was time for some sprints … the crew busted their asses for these ones and now everyone was ready to start their Wednesday.

Kaila one of our 2016 newbies might have posted on her FB best with the following …


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