Destination Friday : The Sister Cities

It’s Friday … SO HOLLA BACK! Once again the crew assembled for some furious miles and awesome push-ups, sit ups and squats, with the occasional burpee thrown into the mix … if you were lucky enough to pull a joker.

Today’s workout started with the first 2 groups of running around the downtown, midtown and Old Sacramento routes. While the 6:25AM group made it over to City Hall for the Deck of Cards workout for the morning. 10 rounds of cards with a run thrown into the mix.

Dan might have pulled some pretty awesome cards, or awful depending on how you look at it … his first 5 cards … Kings and Aces …


Everyone else got their fair share of low and high cards and 3 or 4 Jokers were pulled from the deck, which meant some burpees.

The workout was complete and everyone made their way. Have a great weekend everyone! See you next Wednesday … Good luck to everyone racing this weekend as well.

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