Damn, we awesome


The squad came out got some miles and busted our asses in another partner workout. The crew got in about 6 miles before the 6:25AM workout.

A couple of weeks ago this workout was labeled the DNF, because not one single group was able to finish it. A couple of groups got close, but close to finishing still means we didn’t finish even though we all busted our asses to try to get through the workout last time.

Today we took on the same workout, where one partner does one exercise to completion and the second partner does a different exercise until person A finishes theirs. Each round was completed 3 times before the partners moved onto the next round.

We had 2 groups finish the workout today, which was awesome! While everyone else came close each individual pushed themselves to get the most out of the 35 minute workout. One group got through the workout with about 3 minutes to spare and the other group that finished just got through it right before the 7AM time hit the clock.

Great job everyone! Way to tackle Wednesday morning and get shit done. Have a great rest of the day.


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