It didn’t have to be this way … 

Today’s workout was a rough one … challenging that no set of partners was able to finish off. However, today’s tough workout could have been avoided. We will blame Melanie for that one today. To be fair the newbie didn’t know that if you announce your birthday the day before a workout we make the workout around the number you are turning.

After the 5:30 and 6AM groups got their run on, the 6:25AM started on the west steps and moved onto the 15th Street of Capitol Park near the Rose Garden. Here we did another partner workout that was done a couple of weeks back.

The one that makes guys like Brad 1.o want to wear gloves for the workout, because shit gets done during this workout … The workout included some sprinting, push ups, plank jacks, lunges, squats, squat jumps, shoulder tap planks, traveling burpees, and other ridiculous movements.

With 7AM coming about, none of the groups were able to finish off the workout, though everyone busted their asses to get this one done.

Also if you haven’t seen the November Project segment on The Today Show, check it out. The dudes Brogan and Bojan who were influential in starting the FREE FITNESS MOVEMENT are really taking over the world. These two dudes are dear friends of mine and have influenced 9RUN6 in so many ways, because they are fucking AWESOME!

Check out the video below by clicking on the photo …

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 9.14.25 AM

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