Breathing Will Crush Your Brain

The truth is that someone actually came up to us and said that we are breathing wrong … after this person came up during the workout, I stopped listening to what he said except for the part where he said “breathing will crush your brain” … and holding your breathe will do what????

Anyways this morning was awesome with the number of folks showing up even just for a run starting at 5:30AM and 6AM at the corner of 10th & N Street. After the 3-5 miles that were thrown down, we then gathered at the West Steps like we normally do for another new workout that had to do with partners … yes, we love them partner workouts, that sometimes challenge us to get out of our comfort zone but also brings us closer together with those around us through motivation and encouragement. Never is it a competition but it does keep people like myself honest and accountable, when you have a partner to workout with 10 burpees is 10 burpees not 9 or 8 … it keeps us moving, and pushing us through a solid workout.

Today’s workout was another As Many Rounds As Possible … first in line was 10 burpees with a high-5 up top completed 10 times followed by a sprint to a tree that was flexing it’s biceps … then came 20 push-ups with a high-5, followed by a sprint … then 10 partner get ups each … followed by a sprint … then to close off the round 20 sit ups with a high-10 followed by a sprint … this was completed about 4-5 rounds by the groups this morning … everyone got their workout on and were complaining about how exhausting the workout was … this is a good thing, because we love being pushed and tested … not to mention held accountable by the folks around us!

Great job today everyone! Way to crush it!

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