What the stairs?

It’s one of those destination Friday type of days. You know where we still meet at 10th & N Street for the 5:30AM and 6:00AM groups, but when 6:25AM rolls around the West Steps are just a gathering spot, not so much the workout spot.

Today we ran over to the Sacramento Convention Center stairs on the J Street side closest to 15th Street. There we did a variation of the #ThanksKatie workout but rather than 1 set of 10 sprints we did 1 set of 10 stairs (up being 1 and down being 2). This was a ladder up to ladder down workout, with various workouts that built up to 12 sets then down to the 1 set of 10 stairs at the end. The actual workout looked like this … see the photo below …


As folks started to finish off their workout this morning, it was time to cheer one another on until everyone finished off. Big shout out to David aka @FitFam6 who brought out one of his kids for, his second workout! Yup it’s summer time so its about bringing the kiddos along … get the kids out of the house and working out with us!

Happy Friday everyone and have a fantastic weekend!

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