That workout that hurts my life

New faces and old ones joined us this morning for one heck of a workout! A workout that made Brad 2.0 say “My life hurts”. Another DID NOT FINISH FRIDAY. Some groups got close but still the challenge was set and folks tried to complete the workout which was located across the street from the West Steps at the circular road between 9th and &10 Street on Capitol Mall.

This morning we were also treated with a photo shoot by Moments Captured <— GO FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM! So along with the kick ass workout you could only imagine the faces that glowed while the camera was snapping some photos.

The workout after the morning runs looked like this …

Round 1 – Partner A: Bear Crawls , Partner B: Push Ups

Round 2 – Partner A: Traveling Burpess, Partner B: Sit Ups

Round 3 – Partner A: Lunges, Partner B: Jumping Jacks

Round 4 – Partner A: Sprints, Partner B: Squats

Each round was repeated 3 times, before moving onto the next. The workout was legit and it seemed like it took forever to get around the little circle around some rose bushes where the workout was stationed.

Everyone kicked ass this morning, so carry that onto the rest of your day and weekend!

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