FREE 4th of July 5-Miler


I know we probably got you at FREE … Well it is a long running tradition to start off the 4th of July Holiday with a 5-mile run hosted by Buffalo Chips Running Club … Here are the details … I am sure there will be some 9RUN6 peeps in the house … so how about we make it a group effort to get as many people out there rocking their 9RUN6 tops …

What: 40th Annual 4th of July 5-Miler

When: Monday 4th of July 7:15 AM to 7:45 AM—Sign in (Everyone must sign a waiver.) 7:45 AM—Start of Kids’ Half-Mile Race (Ages 10 and younger) 8:00 AM—Start of 5-Mile Race

Where:  Glenn Hall Park (Corner of Sandburg & Carlson Drive in River Park), directly north of CSUS.

Cost: Please bring donations to feed your good conscience in cash or check form to either or both DONATION BOXES at the Waiver Table: ** WEAVE, Women Escaping A Violent Environment ** American River Parkway Foundation, keeping up our treasured running path along the American River.

For more info visit:

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