The Shout out and Workout

Okay It’s July 1st, can you believe that the year is half way complete? Well we can’t either.

Alright let’s start with the first shout out of the 2nd half of the year. The dude that post the “Set your alarm and #BeThere” stuff on Facebook and Twitter failed to just do that … ME!

Apparently, I was really tired … not an excuse, but a moment to be called out on Social Media, Strava and via text … I anticipate more call outs for this missed workout … Looks like the new workout that was planned for today, will be saved for next week, if my dumb ass can get up on time …



Luckily, Brad 1.0 took the lead today. Taking the group through a 55 to 5 workout. So THANK YOU BRAD! Also a shout out to McRunner for taking the photos today.

Don’t forget Monday is a donation / free 5-miler in the beautiful River Park neighborhood. If you missed that post CLICK HERE.

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