Like a Ninja

The crew came out strong like a ninja this morning, some new faces, some old faces, and some who frequent us on occasion. Let’s start off by welcoming Emily and Hiro to the group! Welcome to the cult … jokingly, but serious at the same time.

During the workout we came 16 people deep at one point, slowly growing and getting closer to the goal of 30 then eventually 100 peeps sweating it out together. Come on people let’s get 100 people together … think about how awesome that would be!

Once the posse gathered at the West Steps today, we did another partner based workout. It is amazing the strides people are making as we visit these same workouts pretty regularly. When we first saw the workout, it was known as the DNF workout … groups are getting closer and closer to making this workout owned! Most groups fell just one rep short of shutting it down before the 7AM end time. The workout included some tree sits, burpees, lunges, push ups, jump squats, planks, jumping jacks, and leg lifts, while mixing in some running in between.

The squad will gather again on Friday … WILL YOU BE THERE?

So back to growing the crowd … back in 2014 when the first meet up started on a dark Wednesday morning at McKinley Park, sometimes only 3 people would show up, now we have 12 pretty regular faces, with the hopes to continually grow in numbers. The more people, the more fun, laughs and chatter to be had not to mention the motivation and inspiration from one another through the workouts and in life.

Some of the people in the crew have become the closest of my friends because let’s face it when a person continues to come back, there is more time to hear one each person’s unique story. The more you hear about someones failures and successes puts us closer to one another. Eventually, we want to help one another succeed.

I mean call us crazy but we want everyone to make it. There is no competition with 9RUN6 only motivation. Each person is unique in their own way, and the rest of the crew is willing to help one another do what they do and do that thing at the best of their ability in both athletic and in life.

My challenge to everyone that LOVES 9RUN6 is to invite their friends and share with them how 9RUN6 has helped them! In fact, share your story below in the comments section. We joke that it is a cult, but we are more than just a workout group, the members who are willing to express themselves become family!

Have a great day everyone!


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