The first one takes commitment

The morning crew gathered with the regular times of 5:30, 6:00 and 6:25AM. With the 6:25AM gathering of the crew at the West Steps before heading to the other side of the Capitol, at the International Peace Garden.

Today’s workout was a partner workout, where one another helped each other through the workout with a lot of assisting, high-fives and using one another as an obstacles. The workout was a 20 minute AMRAP workout (As Many Rounds As Possible). Each set of exercises included a run between. The exercises for today were; hoisties (think squat jumps while holding your partner’s hands), partner push-ups (high-five at each up position), lead frog, and sit-ups (high-ten slap at the top of each rep). The photos below will show you what kind of went down this morning …

We always get the I’m going to try to be there tomorrow for the run part or the workout at 6:25AM. We will be honest, if you aren’t used to getting up early for a workout it is tough to get out there. It was tough for all of us at the beginning, but once it becomes part of the routine then the ability to get out there because easier and easier.

I’ll be honest, we all miss a workout every now and then because of life and the fatigue we get from it, but most people would agree that there is no greater feeling then running some miles and being challenged with a crazy but fun ass workout with some friends.

We aren’t asking you to commit to us for the first workout, but commit to yourself! Then after that and once you make some friends we become your accountabiliBUDDY (a word taken from Bojan, co-founder of November Project).

So when you decide you want to join us for your first workout, set your alarm(s). Yes, sometimes it takes multiple to make sure that you do get up. #JustBeThere for the workout and let us do the rest to help get you through a workout, after showing up it is on us to keep you and help you make the workouts part of your routine. We aren’t even saying you have to make every workout during the week. Start with one workout and make it routine for a few weeks, then add another, or even challenge yourself in your own way of setting goals. We have had members set goals like, “Making 12 workouts in 6 weeks”. With 4 meet-ups during the week you have plenty off opportunities to allow us to help you reach your goal. Remember, call us crazy, but we want everyone to make it!

For those who attend on a regular basis or those have been to at least 2, share how your first one was a challenge and how you keep yourself going to more workouts as they become part of your routine in the comments section below, then share this post with all of your friends.

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