Everyone Is Welcome!

It’s Monday so what better way to start the week than with your friends for a run. The case of the Mondays, can start Sunday evening, so let us help you by kicking off Monday and the rest of your week with some miles and a stretch. Yes, not every 9RUN6 workout involves burpees or some sort of crazy ass workout sometimes we just run and stretch. Like every single Monday!

Today we did just that with a small group of folks, we had a total of 5 people make their way to McKinley Park this morning. Most folks got between 4-7 miles to start their Monday, so why not join us?

I mean 9RUN6 welcomes everyone! On the Instagram we got the question, “What fitness level do you have to be at to start?” We never require anyone to have to start at a certain fitness level because everyone, and I mean everyone has to start somewhere. If you think, I’ll start working out with the group when I get fit enough, then the likely hood of us ever seeing you is not going to happen. Start your new goals with us NOW … make it a priority to get out on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday! Get out and let us help you reach your goals.

So how about committing now and tweeting, facebooking or instagraming that you will be coming out to a 9RUN6 workout!

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