On the other side of the tracks first

When Friday comes about, we notice, or at this point expect the numbers to get lower in our attendance. We get it, folks sometimes get their rest day in or whatever. Nonetheless, the weekly group commitment is pretty F@#$ING awesome, with our Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday meet up groups.

Today was the infamous destination Friday, where we traveled off to Cathedral Square located at 11th & K, upon arrival, we found that there were plenty of people sleeping around the Cathedral, not to mention the unknown stickiness on the ground where we would have to do push ups, sit ups and other random movements that would cause us to touch the ground.

So we moved across to the south side of the light rail tracks, and did the workout at Bishop Gallegos, where there was a little more open space to do this morning’s partner workout. 

During the workout, Brad 1.0 raised the question … “When did this workout get easier?”

Folks the workouts don’t get easier, we just get stronger and can accomplish more when there is a commitment to getting after it. Fitness can’t be a sometimes thing, it has to be a routine to see gains. The workout never changed, it is the same one that we first saw before. It just shows that when you commit to something the results will happen and the joy of knowing what it took to get there makes it all worth it.

When workouts get tough, I think rather than dreading it we should all embrace the struggle at times because it is part of the journey. A journey that we set for ourselves. Not one person in 9RUN6 is a professional athlete who does this for a living, so each moment hard or easy should be ended with a smile, because at the end of the workout, we just found much more about ourselves.

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