The Ultimate Opportunity

9RUN6 has a great opportunity for you to grow. It will bring you riches in fitness, laughter, and community. It is simple really, all you have to do is invite your friends to a workout and continue to grow the community. There is still the Project 30 goal, which is getting a regular attendance of 30 people. Then there is the opportunity to get to 100, which creates for that coveted 9RUN6 logo to be tattooed on me.
Let’s not focus on the benefits of the fitness, because everyone does that, but let’s talk about the community. This is beginning to sound like the selling point of some ponzie scheme or a multi-level marketing / pyramid business, probably because it kind of is. However, unlike other “business opportunities”, this one has no financial commitment or really any financial gains that will pay your bills or earn you an awesome pink vehicle. However, this will make YOUR community richer! You will be part of something that is awesome that continues to grow and you can be part of the movement.
Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 9.33.39 AM
Think about if you invite 3 friends out to a workout, and those 3 friends invite 3 friends, and those friends invite another 3 friends, how quickly and awesome would our community be?
Now 9RUN6 starts off with a commitment, a commitment to yourself to become part of the movement. The ultimate goal of 9RUN6 is to have as many people in the Sacramento area develop a sense of ownership in the city and pride in what they do through fitness. Yes this might seem a bit silly to compare 9RUN6 to a pyramid, but isn’t everything in life that way? If you see something awesome you try to recruit more people to get out and do that same thing with you.
So your homework is to invite 3 of your most awesome friends to be part of this community. Send them a text or pick up the phone and invite them to a workout. Let them know how awesome the community is. Challenge them to take on one of our workouts.
Friday will be the perfect day to invite them! We are doing something really awesome that will allow us to tour downtown and midtown a little bit. Run with your phones as Friday will be an opportunity to take photos of some awesome murals around Sacramento.

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