Searching For Murals

So today is Friday, which means destination Friday. A day where we use the West Steps as  a meeting point and head to another location for a workout. Today however was a little different in regards to location, because we hit up various locations around Downtown and the Mid Town area.

Last week was the Sacramento Mural Festival, where local artist showcased their skills along some buildings in Sacramento. So this morning we went out and visited some of those sights, checking out 6 of the 12 murals that decorated the city.

It was a great way to get some miles in to kick off the Labor Day weekend. Folks got some decent miles in while seeing the murals this morning. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the murals, I highly recommend taking the time to get out to the Downtown / Midtown area of Sacramento to take in these awesome pieces of work by local artist.

Join us tomorrow for a long run. The group will gather at 7AM at the Big Lots parking lot in Sacramento located at 8700 La Riviera Dr. 

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