Sucks For You

It’s too early.

It’s too far.

I have to work.

I’m not a morning person.

It’ll be too hard.

I’ll join you guys when I get fit.

I’m not ready.

The time isn’t right.

I’ll join someday.

… The list goes on and on … but every excuse SUCKS in our books.

We just ask to commit to the first workout for yourself, but you respond with I cannot commit … how does your significant other feel about your lack of commitment? Being part of a community that helps jump start your day or holds you accountable to get your miles in on the weekend, is F@#$ING awesome! Trust us, we are a group of awesome individuals who come together to get their dose of pouring of liquid awesome on.

Come out to one workout and you will quickly realize that getting up early and taking in the scenes of Sacramento while throwing down some liquid awesome doesn’t suck, it’s your excuses that kinda suck 🙂 …

We have 400 people who “like” us on Facebook, so the challenge is to get 25% of that group to at least tryout one workout … and if all of them show up at the same workout … then you know what happens … I get the 9RUN6 tattoo …

Let’s make this happen people! You can get it done. I believe in all of you to put your excuse(s) aside and make it out to one of the workouts.

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