What’s the catch?

We post on social media and tell friends or strangers … FREE.FUN.FITNESS … yes FREE. However, on numerous occasions the question is brought up … “WHAT’S THE CATCH?” … There is no catch, it really is free.

We won’t sell you anything, except for how awesome it is. In a world of selling people on things and with being cautious, with the thought of if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, it is understandable to why people don’t jump into the 9RUN6 movement as quickly as they would want to.

9RUN6 is about community, it’s about coming together with a common interest in pushing one another to reach our individual goals. 9RUN6 has grown and has seen individuals grow to make fitness part of their lifestyle. We have seen average people, which we all are at 9RUN6, do some amazing things.

Trust us … give us a try and if it isn’t for you then it isn’t your thing. However, you will never know unless you give it a go.

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