When you miss random strangers…


Okay, getting up for your first 9run6 workout is probably the hardest part of any of the workouts. Once you conquer that first wake up call, then it starts to get weird … yes kind of odd, most of you know what we are talking about here. It’s the weird feeling you get when miss some random strangers who you met at 9RUN6. Miss them so much where you know exactly where they are on the route at any given time, while you lay in bed you think, they are running over the bridge, or they are off to get McRunner, or I wonder what crazy ass workout they are doing on the west steps.

This is something we shared with Alex who came to this second workout this morning. These feels are also reiterated by Dave and Melanie who post on our page how they miss us.

Again we were just some people who ran around downtown and did some crazy workouts along the west steps, and now have created some strong ties.

Incase you were trying to sort out what crazy ass workout we did today. In keeping with tradition for the Wednesday before Christmas we did the 12 days of Christmas workout, aka the Thanks Katie workout. This workout consisted of 1 rep building up to 12 reps than back down … so like a pyramid … each exercise was different and overall was challenging, but everyone kicked Wednesday morning in the ass!

Great job everyone! If we don’t see you on Friday. Have a great Christmas weekend.


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